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ITA020023 - SCI Raffo Rosso, Monte Cuccio and Vallone Sagana

General description:

SCI extends between Sferracavallo and Carini and inward includes Monte Raffo Rosso, Manolfo Pizzo, Pizzo di Mezzo, Monte Occhio, Monte Cuccio, Monte Castellaccia, etc... It is a mountain range that results from the tectonic superposition of carbonate and terrigenous-carbonate geological bodies of Mesozoic-Tertiary age. Soils fall within the association lithosols-rock outcrop-clay, characterized by thinness, high rockiness outcropping and submontane-mountain morphology, slopes with moderately steep to very steep. The climate is Mediterranean.

These are areas of considerable geobotanical, natural and environmental interest, and often even "classical loci," that are locations from which come specimens on which the diagnoses were based on descriptions of some species. The considerable human pressure has certainly depleted the most significant elements of the vegetation, although overall the floristic structure remains quite intact.

The area is subjected to considerable pressure to fire, grazing and other human activities. Expressions forest are almost entirely absent and fragmented, with a wreck character.


Within the SCI are two protected species under the Directive 92/43/EEC (Annex II), namely Ophrys lunulata and Dianthus rupicola. There are also other species of flora of some importance, such as Plantago humilis, Iris pseudopumila, Iberis semperflorens L., Ephedra major.



Several species of regular migratory birds were identified, wich are not listed on Annex 1 of the Council Directive 79/409/EEC. They are Lullula arborea, Falco peregrinus, Pyrrhocorax. Amphibians are Discoglossus pictus and Hyla italica, whereas among mammals there are Hystrix cristata, Felis silvestris, Lepus corsicanus.

(source Natura 2000 file)

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