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ITA020006 - SCI Capo Gallo

General description:

The SCI includes a coastal biotope consisting of a isolated rocky promontory which is part of a wider range structure that is orographically the limestone ridge of the "Monti di Palermo". The main feature of the site is the presence on the northern and the eastern slope of large cliffs that in some places exceed 500m height almost to the sea and the remarkable limestone scree that develop on some recordings of tectonic origin. The SCI is included within the perimeter of the Regional Natural Reserve.

The zone of the coastal area falling in the SCI is characterized by a low and jagged and rocky coast with several inlets more or less deep, generally coincident with the stratigraphic features of structure or tectonic. There are several cavities of karst/marine origin distributed along the coast (some of them submerged) that are home to sciaphilous interesting formations. Typically the rocky coast connects with the hinterland through a slightly steeper slope of detritus origin (groundwater detritus) to the base of large cliffs, the dominant element of this site. In some places the detritus zone below the walls reaches very high slopes until it disappears at the foot of the cliffs. Geologically they belong to the Jurassic carbonate formations, consisting of loferitic and stromatolitic limestone with megalodon benches and algae biolititi typical of a retroreef lagoon deposition zone.

(source Wikipedia)

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