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IT9220090 - SCI Costa Ionica and Foce Bradano

General description:

The site is included in the Reserve Forest protection of 'Metaponto in agro di Bernalda', along the Ionian coast of Basilicata. It is a low coast formed by Quaternary continental sediments with a predominance of sand and, at the mouth of the river, of silt and clay. The district, subject to waterlogging, has been reclaimed in the '40s and later affected by afforestation. This has created a coastal wetland area rich in different habitats, which are home to migratory birds and to summer species of Community interest. It is a thermomediterranean bioclimate (xeroterica region) (average annual temperature = 16/17°C). Psammofila, retrodunal and brackish water populations are particularly represented. The populations of Euphorbia terracina and Juniperus turbinata and Juniperus macrocarpa are important for their meaning of wreck. The site is an important staging area for migratory birds.

The area is 50% publicly and 50% private owned. The main uses of land are agriculture (30%), tourism activities (20%), urban use (5%) and conservation areas (45%). The SCI is a coastal wetland area rich in different habitats, such as salt marshes (5%), sand dunes (20%), bodies of water (10%), coniferous forests (50%), evergreen forests (15%) The climate is Mediterranean with an average annual temperature of 16-17°C and average rainfall less than 500mm a year. The SCI is a particularly vulnerable area because of coastal erosion and specific weather conditions.


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