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IT4050001 - SCI Gessi bolognesi and Calanchi dell'Abbadessa

General description:

The area is situated in the first hil of Bologna, between the streams Savena and Quaderna, and is characterized by outcrops of Messinian gypsum-sulphurous. The rocky outcrops, widespread but reduced, almost never have the appearance of cliff continues, however are found all the typical phenomena of karst landforms. The karst determines the presence of very different micro-climatic conditions: thermophilic vegetation on top of sinkholes; sciaphilous and mesophyll vegetation on the bottom, with plants typical of higher altitudinal range; Xerica vegetation with unusual Mediterranean presence in the southern slopes and with rock outcrops. In the eastern sector, the landscape is dominated by large basins of ravines scaly clays, on which develops the typical vegetation xerophilous alotolerant. In general, the forest is not very common (14%); prevail grasslands with different degrees of dryness (25%) resulting from bushes, thickets and patches, often with the appearance of scrubland (15%), with frequency of rock outcrops ( 10%). Cultivated land is rife, human activity is high (we are on the outskirts of Bologna).
The site is largely (86%) falls in the Regional Park of Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell'Abbadessa: in pre-park zone there are 642 ha, in C zone 1661 ha, in
B zone 932 ha, in A zone 163 ha; the site also includes a faunal-hunting company and two management areas of refuge, repopulation and faunal capture.


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