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The main characteristics of the web site are:

- a bilingual public area (Italian and English language) organized as follows: a home page with the general description of the Project; a page dedicated to the goals and several pages dedicated to the proposed actions of the Project; a site section, with the description of the experimental sites and the protected areas targeted by the Project; a section dedicated to the Partnership and its organization; a documents section where everyone can download several files like outputs of the Project, workshops, etc.; a photo gallery and a video gallery; a page dedicated to the Life+ Project in general, with a short description of this type of European tool; other useful sections like news, links, contacts.

- the restricted area (Italian language only) as a working tool for project partners organized as follows: a download section where is possible to read and download various documents related to the Project (sampling, articles and publications, workshops, reports, etc…); an upload section (where users can upload files related or useful to the project, which will then be inserted by the system administrator in the various categories of download section); a mailing lists section (that includes addresses of various participants in the project and selected stakeholders); an events section; a self-assessment area (dedicated to the progress monitoring of the Project).

The ultimate version of the website was powered by using Plone, that is an open source CMS (content management system), as ISPRA joined the (an initiative that brings together Italian public bodies users of Plone), and we have used only free components for the implementation, in terms of savings in public administrations.

Although the address of the official website of the project has changed 3 times, the site has always been quickly indexed by the major search engines (usually, within 2 days it has passed at the top of the list of sites found by inserting the words "Life Man-Gmp-Ita" in Google). It has served the purpose of advertising the project and its results to the public; useful tools in this regard were also the video section on the site and the Youtube profile connected to the project. In addition, the restricted access is served as a working tool for the Partners. This tool was later expanded with the addition of a series of pages on a private server owned by ISPRA, with an amount of available memory greater than the one dedicated to the site.

In the site are published all the products of the project, which are: the sampling guidance for environmental monitoring of the arthropods, the early brochure of the areas (made in the first year), the presentations held during the workshops, the publications related to the project, the abstracts of the final workshop held in December 2012, the papers presented during the local public information days held between May and June 2013, the final database of the existing monitoring networks, the final brochures of the areas that contain the conclusions of the 3 years of field analysis, the Layman's report published in June 2013.

Although the action is finished on June 2013, the site will remain online for at least 5 years from the end of the project, and will be updated by ISPRA in case of publications or other events related to the project.


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