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Participation to workshops and scientific publications

During the years of the project, the components of the operating units have participated in various conferences/workshops during which they presented the project, starting with a general introduction to more specific activities related to the actions. Examples of these dissemination actions are: general presentation of the project at the EFSA GMO Panel; presentation of the project and specifically Action C3 (production DSS) at the 5th meeting of the Joint ENCA/EPA Interest Group on Risk Assessment and monitoring of GMOs, and at the 10th IAS_STS (in this case the presentation has been published in the Proceedings ot the conference); a general presentation of the project and the specific action regarding the census and evaluation of environmental monitoring networks at the technical interregional Working Group on GMOs whitin the  State-Regions Conference; presentation of two posters, one relating to the activities on the soil and one regarding the application of the DSS to the soil during the national conference of the SISS.

Other presentations were made by mathematicians of the University of Naples Parthenope, relating to the activities they have done on the modeling of the DSS system. From these presentations are also resulting scientific literature articles already published  or under scrutiny by peer reviewed journals.

All these scientific production is located in the Documents/Publications section of this site.
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