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D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

D1. Final project workshop

A scientific meeting will be organized in the third-fourth trimesters of year 2012 in Rome, involving the National competent authorities, universities and other research agencies. The goal of the workshop is not just to discuss matters and collect inputs about the scientifical and technical methodologies proposed by the project consortium, but to offer a practical approach to managing risks in protected areas. Experts from other European countries will also be invited at the workshop with the specific aim of evaluating possible additional benefits for other EU countries. A layman’s report illustrating the project’s activities and results will be distributed to the participants for further dissemination.


D2. Public information days
In the last semester of the project, the team will organize and conduct public meetings in the areas involved in the project. The aim of such meetings will be to divulgate the results of the conservation actions, to explain how the products of the project can be useful for final users. Special attentions will be paid to the practical use of decision supporting systems by risk managers. Notice boards describing the project will be prepared and displayed both at the meeting sites and in all the 4 CSI areas targeted by the project. The public information days represent the concluding phase and the occasion to present the obtained results to a wider public.

D3. Workshop on environmental monitoring networks
Once the potential environmental monitoring networks (e.m.n.) and the potential stakeholders will be clearly identified, a workshop will be organized, within the first 6 months after the start of the project, to present the project and its objectives. Its main objectives will be: to contact the stakeholders to be involved in the project (local administrations, competent authorities, risk managers, etc.); to present the whole project, focusing on the monitoring networks; to collect input to adjust methodologies; to submit the questionnaire on the existing monitoring networks in Italy; to identify further potential stakeholders.

D4. Project web site
In the first semester of the project, ISPRA Partner will be in charge of designing and implementing the project web site. The web site will have two-level access, a restricted area reserved to the consortium partners and a public area. The public area will promote the project aims, will enable visitors to contact consortium partners and will include the free access to deliverables and products of the project. The web site will be implemented in two languages, Italian and English, and it shall be kept for at least five years after the end of the project.

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