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A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

A1. Characterization of the study areas

In this action, data on the phenology of the crop plants, the ecological functions in the agro-ecosystem and the nearby protected sites will be collected in the first year of the project, for the areas selected as potential “receiving environments” for the cultivation of GMP. Since many protected species of birds are present in all the SCIs included in the project, the study of food webs will be particularly focussed to those routes of exposure that may involve at higher trophic levels bird species (via feeding on arthropod preys or on seeds). Any lack of information during the data collection phase will be supplemented with specific field monitoring aimed at the production of baseline data to be used for the definition of the protection goals. For this scope, in each of the three macro region (North, Centre, South) at least one field for each of the two crops (maize and canola) will be selected among commercial farms or, if necessary, planted for the specific purpose of our study. The areas of interest of the project are both privately and publicly owned.

In details, two protected areas will be established in Emilia Romagna. This region represents a typical maize growing area of the Po Valley, and it is neighboring with two large Regions (i.e. Lombardia e Veneto) that might cultivate in the near future GMOs and have very similar agro-environmental conditions.

A2. Inventory of existing monitoring networks

Several Member States are running nationwide environmental monitoring programs for different purposes, which could be adapted for GMO monitoring. Often they are heterogeneous and not merged at national level. In addition, they often rely on observations by volunteers. So far it seems that the current environmental programs could meet several of the requirements and specific objectives of GMOs monitoring. The objective of this action is to identify those agro-environmental monitoring networks (e.m.n.) present in Italy and their characteristic, and evaluating their possible adaption to GMOs monitoring. The project will also examine the possibility of setting up their nationwide coordination. The main sources that will be considered are: the legislative framework (European, Italian and international), and the scientific literature on the topic. Furthermore, the assessment of similar studies and projects performed within the European community will be done. This action will last for the first 12 months of the project.

A3. Assessing measurement endpoints, monitoring and statistical methods

Based on the results of the action A1, a literature review will be conducted for selecting the most appropriate, monitoring and statistical methods. This action will take place during the first 9 months of the project.

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